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Welcome to ProGreen Canada, the most trusted artificial turf specifically designed to endure harsh Canadian climates and manufactured exclusively in the US.

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Why Progreen Canada

  • 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 3rd Party Warranty
  • 10 Year Workmanship
  • ProFlow™ Backing
  • Diamond & "S" Shaped Blades
  • Cool Fibre Technology
  • Highest Quality Resins From Dow-Dupont
  • 100% Made in the USA from Start to Finish

Details Matter


ProGreen Canada proudly offers some meaningful product enhancements new for 2022, featuring the combining of distinctively shaped fibres interspersed through multiple products. The mixing of the distinctive fibre combinations was purposely designed to add to lifelike grass realism and functionally help prevent the grass fibres from flattening with regular use. Our Natural Real Series of grasses now contains our standard diamond-shaped fibre blended with a new "S" shaped fibre.

Leading the way, ProGreen has perfected an array of new fibre lengths that will delight homeowners looking for distinctive looks beyond the conventional manicured offerings traditionally used in residential applications. Our new Canadian artificial grass series of products extend fibres by a remarkable 2"- 2 ½". Freshly mowed lawns are classically cut at 2".
Our newest artificial grass offerings Canadian Deluxe at 2" might be the ideal choice, or others may prefer the slightly taller fibre, our Canadian Supreme at 2 ½". Either way, new products mean new consumers' choices, and we think we have the ideal product for all homeowners.

Made 100% In USA

Here at ProGreen Canada, “Made in the USA” actually means that our most trusted artificial turf products are manufactured 100% from start to finish in USA-based facilities. ProGreen's artificial grass production is a two-phase process: 1st yarn extrusion and 2nd tufting. The creation of fibres is known as yarn extrusion, while adhering the fibre to the backing is tufting. Many synthetic grass companies tuft their products in the USA; however, they are purchasing the yarn from overseas. Our unique quality proposition is to maintain the entire manufacturing process in America, making us the most trusted artificial turf in Canada and beyond.

No Overseas Heavy Metals

ProGreen Canada is Most Trusted Artificial Turf unlike turf manufactured overseas, which is often of poor quality and may contain lead or other heavy metals. Be confident that ProGreen Synthetic Turf Systems is 100% lead and heavy metal-free and manufactured using the industry's highest quality standards.

Proprietary Tuft Bind

Only a small number of companies can claim to provide products made in America, of which very few make them in-house. Our proprietary production process is sought after by our clients, who demand the industry's finest tuft bind.

Decades Of Experience

ProGreen Synthetic Grass started in 1987 and has been producing artificial grass for 30 years. They have devoted decades of experience to offering nothing but the best products for all of your synthetic turf needs.

Rob and John
receiving an award for the
2nd highest sales in the world
and 1st highest sales in Canada.

Canada’s most trusted artificial grass products
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Most Eco-Friendly Synthetic Turf

ProGreen offers the most economically and ecologically sensible synthetic grass on the market. Both our EnviroCel™ and BioCel™ backings make ProGreen Grass™ 100% recyclable. These backings incorporate post-consumer recycled PET plastic from soft drink and water bottles and contain rapidly renewable and recycled materials ranging from 55% to 85% by weight. These attributes contribute to LEED totals.   Additionally, these backings are made with soy. The use of soy means increased soybean production, which helps with air quality by consuming CO² from the atmosphere. BioCel™ is considered an environmentally preferred product and submissions under GSA Si31-601. Our partner, Universal Textiles, carpet backing systems are listed in the U.S. Federal Agencies Bio-Preferred program.   Coupled with our organic infill material, Organic infill makes the most Eco-Friendly synthetic turf system on the market!


ProGreen Canada's groundbreaking innovation Fairlawn/Greenplay is a genuinely unique turf system designed to not only stay almost the same temperature as natural grass but importantly has the same abrasion rating as natural grass. Unlike conventional artificial grass that gets uncomfortably hot during periods of exposure to mid-summer sun, our Fairlawn/Greenplay becomes critically essential for roof-top, playgrounds or any applications where excessive heat is of concern.
Fairlawn, our new Dual Fibre no-thatch turf product, was designed mimicking time-tested Sprinturf field turf products infilled with a 100% organic pesticide-free product. Sprinturf has a 10-year history of using Greenplay in large sports fields, ensuring the likeability, longevity and positive testing results.
Greenplay provides immeasurable softness underfoot and draws the humidity out of the air, providing a cooling effect like no others.
Greenplay forms a matrix within the turf fibres providing a real earth-like esthetic beyond comparison.
As a bonus, the new Dual Fibre is 40% more robust than traditional monofilament conventional turf products.
Paired with our BioCel backings, environmentally Fairlawn/Greenplay is the most Eco-friendly synthetic turf on the market.

The New Gold Standard in Turf Backing!

Proflow™ ProGreen Proflow™ is proud to introduce a new, non-perforated backing that drastically improves our turf product drainage. With the new patent-pending ProFlow™ backing, the drainage rate is increased by approximately 400%. Combined with our moisture-resistant fibres, your turf will be cleaner, drier and free from any unpleasant pet odours.

ProFlow™ backing

Does it make sense to purchase a turf product with holes punched in the backing?

We don’t think so. In traditional turf production, holes are punched into the turf's backing to allow water to flow through (perforations) with the belief that the more holes, the better the drainage. However, these holes come with a set of potential problems.

Most residential artificial grass installations include sand as an infill product. However, as time progresses, these small grains of sand can work their way into the holes and clog them. As your artificial lawn ages, the drainage efficiency decreases, and you lose one of the benefits that enticed you to invest in an artificial lawn in the first place.

Avoid Perforated Turf At All Cost!

There is the potential for weeds growing through the holes of perforated artificial grass. It may sound unlikely, but this can be a problem, especially if your installer skips the weed barrier. While these weeds can be easily treated (just spot treat with a weed killer), the weed-free benefit of an artificial lawn is lost.
Superior Fibres Superior Technology

New 2021 The Combo Diamond & "S"-Shaped Fibre technology

Diamond Shape 3D cross section makes for:
Higher Stability and Resilience
Slightly Thinner yet Stronger grass blade
More Plush, lush and overall authentic appearance
We can gain strength in the blade, while still maintaining our unique ProGreen Supersoft technology

Following an international tactile test among 3 leading synthetic grass products, when asked “which one feels the softest?” our new Diamond Blade was chosen 100% of the time.
W ith our CADdetails microsite, we make it easy to incorporate ProGreen synthetic grass into your next project. You can download our design files as well as 2D drawings to easily specify any ProGreen product into your project. Of course, if you ever have any questions about the products or the application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click the logo below to access our profile on CADdetails.