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March 14, 2018
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March 18, 2018

Drainage, Drainage, Drainage!

Image if you will your new Pet Turf “Maximum Strength K9 Deluxe draining 400% quicker than all others, made possible by our new ProFlow Patent Pending backing. Along with our moisture resistant fibers and our new backing your artificial grass will be endlessly easier to keep clean so both Rover and the and kids can safely play and without worry. Not only will it be cleaner perhaps more importantly it won’t smell to high heaven like conventional turf especially in those “dogs day of summer”. Our new patent pending ProFlow™ backing has four different distinctive layers: two being of heavy gauge and woven, one is a five-pick layer and topped with heavy coating of a high viscosity polyurethane compound. The patent pending covers the unique process of injecting air bubbles into the polyurethane. The air bubbles allow passages giving the is backing its unique free flowing drainage. Our new backing is designed to last the entire lifetime of your Maximum Strength K9 Deluxe artificial grass and it’s backed by our 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Fiber Make-Up

The Ultimate Solution for Dog Owners, our “Maximum Strength K9 Deluxe 70” is made with a Dual Fiber Fibrillated Parallel Long-Slit / Mono-filament polyethylene thatch, which does not hold moisture as some do.

This new fiber independently tested is rated to be twice the fiber strength and durability of all other competing products. The resilience of our new fiber makeup also means our fibers will be resistant to lying over even in heavy traffic.

This fusion process of the two different fibers into the ProGreen Canada landscape grass & Maximum Strength K9 Deluxe offers a natural green 4-color blend with golden thatch interspersed throughout. Simply put, no other company has fibers this strong or this soft or this beautiful.

The Infill That Matters

ProGreen Canada now offers Envirofill, an amazing new infill that cools your artificial grass surface, kills bacteria, kills mold and kills mildew keeping your turf cleaner, cooler and free from doggie smells that lurk in the backing of conventional turf products. Microban® is an antimicrobial protection which incapsulates the rounded granules of sand during the manufacturing process designed to help prevent the growth of all bacteria and microbes which can cause stains and odors. Envirofill will not lose its effectiveness over the lifetime of your Maximum Strength K9 Deluxe backed by the companies 16-year warranty. The heat reducing effects independently tested significantly reduces the synthetic grass surface.

Its All About The Base (for multiple dogs or dog kennels)

Take your turf to a new level install The Drainage System You Need

By installing Ultra-base panels under our Maximum Strength K9 Deluxe helps provide an ultra-firm level sub-base and assist further to evacuate water or urine from under your artificial grass surface. The lock tight turf barbs allow for even the most rambunctious dogs to play safely without turf movement.

Our panels will drain at a rate of 1,582 inches per hour vertically with no turf. The water flow under the panels is evacuating at a rate of 126 inches per hour. Drainage, synthetic turf fiber durability, and infill that keeps things clean are essentials for dog owners to consider. ProGreen Canada has you covered with the best artificial grass for your pet’s enjoyment. Your Pet turf will last 30 + years.