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Our brand new 2021 “diamond” and “S” shaped blades providing the ultimate softness that you can expect from our Natural Real Series of ProGreen turf with improved resiliency.

Our ProGreen Natural Real Series offers remarkable realism.

A very rich natural color palette of Canadian green grass mixed with a thatch of brown making this the perfect blend of colours that really no others can compare. The fibers are tall 1” ¾ long which are structural strong to withstand the heaviest of use and everlasting. Strong, yet so remarkably soft to the touch it’s no wonder our Natural Real Series of grass is so sought after.

Following an international tactile test amongst 3 leading synthetic grass products when asked “which one feels the softest?” our new Diamond Blade was chosen 100% of the time.

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Artificial Landscape Grass Canada
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The Backing

ProFlow™ is a non-perforated backing that drastically increases the drainage capacity of our products. The patent pending technology utilizes a proprietary polyurethane compound as the final coating layer on the backing. After extensive research and development, ProGreen perfected the formula and application process to create passages that allow for free flow drainage.

Cool Fibers

Sprinturf/ProGreen launched its cool fiber technology, which reduces its artificial turf fiber temperatures by up to 20 percent.

UV and Color Additives Treatment

Just like with any production line, we start with the raw materials. We produce our fibers with resin pellets of the highest quality, which we melt in a process to produce artificial or synthetic turf fibers. The UV inhibitors and colour additives are added in this same process to add longevity to our turf. As a result of our proprietary process these features do not wash away with time nor fade. This process of melting the resins to create the yarn is called extrusion.

Most other products being manufactured elsewhere, the fibers are first extruded, and the UV and color are painted on the extruded fibers. A completely different process = different longevity expectation. The ProGreen process makes possible the 15-year warranty.


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