Artificial Grass Dealer Opportunity Ottawa

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ProGreen Canada remains dedicated to helping other businesses, and consumers benefit from our sophisticated and well-designed synthetic grass products. That is why we are offering a highly rewarding opportunity to potential dealers in Ottawa. If you are looking to become a respected artificial grass distributor in Ottawa, consider ProGreen Canada!

Home to around 1.3 million people and over 25,000 households, Ottawa offers plenty of opportunity and potential for those involved in artificial grass landscaping and products. From Kanata to Vanier, Ottawa is well known for its distinctly leafy suburbs and high quality of living. As a city that faces long winters, both Ottawa residents and businesses require artificial grass that will let their outdoor spaces thrive all year round. By partnering with ProGreen Canada as an artificial grass distributor in Ottawa, you can distribute quality synthetic grass products across the city with ease.

Be Part of a Trusted Brand

Consumers are often apprehensive about buying from an unknown brand. We know that when it comes to delivering home improvement or landscaping work, the work needs to be performed by trained individuals using the highest quality products.

As Canada's #1 supplier of artificial grass products, Ottawa residents can be guaranteed they are purchasing from a reputable synthetic grass manufacturer. Having featured in high-profile media such as the Wall Street Journal and the Discovery Channel, ProGreen Canada takes its commitment to rewarding consumer and dealer relationships seriously. Read our testimonials to see just how well we live up to our reputation.

Reliable Artificial Grass Products

Here at ProGreen Canada, our priority is always providing quality artificial grass products that our consumers and distributors can rely on. With our products, you can guarantee the quality will produce long-lasting results.

On top of our commitment to quality, our products utilize some of the best technology in its manufacturing process. Our synthetic grass products benefit from:

  • Cool Fiber Technology
  • Patent Pending ProFlow™ Backing drains a remarkable 437 gallons per hour
  • Diamond Shaped Grass Blades
  • Supersoft™ fibre technology. One-of-a-kind technology enhances the softness of the artificial grass blades while maintaining its fibre strength and overall integrity.
  • Delustering eliminates unnatural shine that artificial grass may have and is an extra effort that allows homeowners to enjoy a stunning, low-maintenance lawn for years to come
As well as our innovative technology, we value giving consumers and distributors quality customer service. Wholly manufactured in the USA and backed with a 15-year manufacturer's warranty, both consumers and distributors receive only the best artificial grass products on the market Today.

Join Our Thriving ProGreen Team Today

If you are looking to take advantage of a highly lucrative artificial grass dealership opportunity in Ottawa, call us toll-free at 1-886-742-7888.