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ProGreen Canada is pleased to announce exciting new opportunities for artificial grass dealers in Saskatoon. Dedicated to our mission of providing Canadians with only the best synthetic turf products available, we are continually looking for new partners to join our rewarding dealer network in Saskatchewan.

Nestled on the South Saskatchewan river, Saskatoon is home to over a quarter of a million residents. Whether out in Hampton Village or over in Wildwood, many households rely on artificial grass and golf greens to keep their outdoor spaces looking fresh during the long winters and the hot, dry summers. As Part of the ProGreen Canada's network of Artificial Grass Dealers in Saskatoon, you will able to supply the city's households and businesses with the most durable and premium synthetic grass products available.

A Reputation Saskatoon Can Depend On

ProGreen Canada remains dedicated to giving our consumers and distributors only the best products they can trust. Having established a strong reputation across Canada for several decades, our synthetic grass dealers in Saskatoon can have absolute confidence that they are selling premium products to their customers.

True to our words, our products and services have even made high-profile appearances in media, including in the Wall Street Journal and on the Discovery Channel. Find out just how much Canadians trust the ProGreen brand by reading our testimonials page.

Premium Synthetic Grass Products

From golf greens and artificial grass lawns to pet and playground turf, ProGreen Canada offers a diverse catalogue of synthetic grass products you and your customers in Saskatoon can count on. As Canada's #1 supplier of artificial grass goods, we remain dedicated to upholding our reputation by manufacturing only the best products possible.

As Part of this commitment, we utilize some of the most innovative technology available on the market Today. Our artificial grass products include:

  • Cool Fiber Technology
  • Patent Pending ProFlow™ Backing drains a remarkable 437 gallons per hour
  • Diamond Shaped Grass Blades
  • Supersoft™ fibre technology. One-of-a-kind technology enhances the softness of the artificial grass blades while maintaining its fibre strength and overall integrity.
  • Delustering eliminates unnatural shine that artificial grass may have and is an extra effort that allows homeowners to enjoy a stunning, low-maintenance lawn for years to come
Our products are manufactured exclusively in the USA, and most come with a 15-year manufacturer's warranty, giving distributors the confidence that they can rely on ProGreen for consistent quality.

Join Our Artificial Grass Dealer Network in Saskatoon Today

Start making the most of this lucrative partnership with ProGreen Canada, call us toll-free at 1-886-742-7888. We look forward to hearing from you!