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Fairlawn - Nature Inspired Artificial Landscape

An artificial lawn Is not only a life-style Investment, but a representation of how well you care for your family's environment. You want the best for both. You want a product that Incorporates the best of what's available.

ProGreens Brings The Science

American made polymer technology shapes each and every grass fiber. Decades of research, manufacturing and installation expertise provide the perfomance, durability and beauty built into every ProGreen lawn since 1987. ProGreen's Fairlawn series of artificial lawns are designed specifically to optimize the benefits of a natural turf filler.

The Benefits of Fairlawn Turf


The Benefits of GreenPlay® Infill

GreenPlay® Brings The Nature

Greenplay ls America's natural Infill company, nationally proven for use In private and public schools as the safest and most environmentally compatible turf filler. Natural and durable coconut fibers are harvested from pesticide-free crops and blended with pure cork granules to fill the turf and work safely and In harmony with the natural surroundings.


• Proven performance. In use since 2006.
• 100% organic & pesticide-free.
• 100% recyclable. No infill disposal costs.
• Negligible degradation after repeated impact testing.
• Temperatures within 30˚F of natural grass.
• Highly permeable system for perfect drainage.
• Less abrasive, safer for families and pets.
• Durable fiber matrix minimizes infill displacement.

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