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The Traditional Base Construction

The traditional artificial golf green sub-base construction until now is the old tried and true method of installation. It consists mostly of a big excavation and disposal of existing soils from the site. This process is followed by replacing the extracted materials with a highly compactable stone aggregate. This method is still the go to method of a good golf green ball roll but in some instances, it poses problems over time.

The beefy base excavation process is not only tedious but perhaps more importantly environmentally problematic when introducing a new compacted stone aggregate into a landscaped environment. This highly compacted base allows for very poor drainage and as such the new base materials are considered by most to be detrimental to the environment especially if nearby vegetation, shrubbery or trees are part of the landscape.

Secondly, even the best installed compacted aggregate base is not without worry of degradation over the years. As an example, a heavy rainfall just before a big frost event can easily destroy the playability of the golf green, as can rodents tunneling under the green surface creating caverns throughout the surface.

The Perfect Base Construction for a True Ball Roll for the life of your green

New and Improved golf green construction

ProGreen Canada recent partnership with Ultrabase Systems enables for a NEW GOLD STANDARD for golf green construction.


Ultrabase invented a panel base putting greens over a decade ago. It’s all about perfect ball roll and UBS panels & our PG AUGUSTA turf deliver perfection with every stroke. Dead flat or contoured to challenge any skill level, ProGreen Canada is improving golfers’ games on every continent in the world.


  • Strong enough to support heavily infilled green systems
  • Turf will not move
  • Compensates for subbase irregularities even if they occur after installation
  • Creation of contours and valleys is easier and more realistic than ever before
  • Easy installation anywhere
  • Panels do not need to be moved or repositioned when a new turf is installed


  • Light-weight interlocking panels enable easy
  • Installation, disassembly and re-installation
  • Sturdy structural design supports heavy loads
  • Patented barb design helps keep turf in place
  • Resilient yet structurally firm design compensates for sub-base irregularities due to weather or burrowing animals
  • Mimics grass greens contour through perfect flexibility as a result of engineering
  • Easy installation lowers required skill level via step-by-step approach that is systematically proven.
  • Interlocking modular panels ensure easy installation and structural integrity/consistency

UltraBaseSystems in Action

The UBS golf system eliminates the need for compacted stone bases on putting greens or poured concrete tee lines. The result–a playing surface that feels more like real grass under foot with the perfect ball roll tournament players expect in their own practice facilities. Build it indoors, on a rooftop, or leave it permanently in your backyard, with UBS the customer’s dream green becomes a reality

This new cutting-edge base technology provides ProGreen Canada a superior base replacement using common-sense engineering to eliminate the costly and tedious process of the traditional golf green base construction.

Slope and Crowning

It can’t be overstated when considering an artificial golf green, the crucial component for a long lasting and true ball roll is the sub-base construction. The smaller the green size the subtler the undulation, breaks left, and right are also determined on site. The lager the green size allows for more exaggerated sloping and sometime different tiers are elements always considered in the final design. Depending on soil conditions and geographic locations base depths are determined usually 6-8” 40% clear stone for drainage, 40% ¾” crushed stone and 20% limestone and all compacted to 95% for final smooth grading. The backing of almost all artificial Golf Greens are non-porous and as such golf greens bases are designed to be crowned or sloped with a minimal of 1” slope every 8’ to ensure water runs off the surface. For low lying areas where under wet conditions o-pipe or French drains may also need to be considered.

The Perfect Turf


Not be confused with a nylon putting surface (not recommended for the outdoors!) Our PG AUGUSTA has absolutely the best ball roll of any polypropylene putting surface available and is 100% American made! Our PG AUGUSTA putts true on the day installed, and stays that way for the life of the product 25-30 years and even better it putts the same in every direction. ProGreen Canada can get the ball speed to run to a 10.6 on the stimp-meter. Either install over a big beefy aggregate base or using our Ultrabase panel system our PG Augusta turf gets infilled with 2 lbs. of Envirofill which helps mimic the ball acceptance from bump and run shots or lob shots just like a real green from 40 yards out.

Our PG AUGUSTA feels incredibly soft and cushioning underfoot as in the raw state our PG AUGUSTA has a very natural bent grass spring feel like no other turf in its class.

The Perfect Infill for Perfecting Your Putts

Standing water mixed with a sand infill used in most golf green construction is a moss or algae nightmare waiting to happen that needs to be avoided at all cost. ProGreen Canada has partnered with Envirofill to set a new GOLD STANDARD as the perfect in-fill solution for golf greens

ProGreen Canada now uses Envirofill - Microban® in all its golf green installations for the antimicrobial protection that is infused into Envirofill during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration.


Coated Sand
DEFINED: Coated sands such as Envirofill, are especially highly round granules of sand coated with an acrylic polymer.
Coated sands offer superior durability and consistent performance. The roundness of the sand avoids compaction and the antimicrobial infused coating inhibits the growth of bacteria in the infill profile


  • Combination of natural and synthetic product made specifically for turf
  • Sustainable: Can be used for two lifecycles (16-year warranty)
  • Consistent Gmax and playing surface over turf lifecycle.
  • Limited migration


  • Helps keep putts straight & true
  • Clean and safe
  • Durable
  • Performance
  • Proven
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Cooler Temperatures
Our Putting Green Company uses the highest premium adhesives in the industry to seam fringe turf or for golf greens that are wider than 15’ roll widths. All seaming is covered in our general 10 Year Workmanship Warranty.

Dare To Compare!


8 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty+
Third Party Warranty
Ultrabase Systems panels 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Envirofill- Microban infill 16 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Workmanship 10 Year Comprehensive Warranty
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