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(Atlantic Canada Distribution / Installation of Pro Green Canada Synthetic Turf Systems)

If you are installing artificial grass surfaces such as Pet Turf, Landscape Grass, Putting Green Turf or Playground surfaces, ProGreen Atlantic is your best solution. ProGreen's proprietary manufacturing process begins and ends 100% in North America meaning we are ideal for unique elements that New Brunswick climate offers but also safe from harsh chemicals. Keep your lawn lasting long and your pets and kids safe. If you are looking for quality artificial grass in Atlantic Canada, contact ProGreen NB Turf Inc. we provide quality artificial turf products and installation.

From PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, keep your lawn looking great while keeping your pets and kids safe, Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.



As the maritime province that receives the most snow, New Brunswick winters are long and cold while summers are mildly warm and consistently rainy. These weather conditions can make yards and greenspaces difficult to establish and maintain on both residential and commercial properties.

With artificial grass from ProGreen Canada New Brunswick, we can help you create an inviting, easy to maintain and long-lasting greenspace. From Edmunston to Saint John, Moncton to Bathurst, we provide top quality artificial grass products and professional installation to keep your yards looking great.


Our Artificial Grass Products

At ProGreen Canada New Brunswick, we offer a wide variety of synthetic grass products that are perfect for use at your home or business. Our range of products include:

High Quality Synthetic Turf for Homes & Businesses in New Brunswick

ProGreen Canada’s proprietary manufacturing process begins and ends 100% in North America meaning our products are built to last against the weather elements in New Brunswick. Our artificial turf systems are 33% cooler and have 400% faster drainage when compared to other turf manufacturers and our products are also safe from harsh chemicals. Call ProGreen Canada New Brunswick today for your no-obligation quote!

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