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April 26, 2018
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• In business since 1987 Decades of Experience ProGreen Synthetic Grass started in 1987 and has been producing artificial grass for 30 years. They have devoted decades of experience to offering nothing but the best products for all your synthetic turf needs. 30 Years in business is a serious business!
• Zero Fiber failures
• Most fields in ground greater than 10 years
• Most Dual Fiber fields in the US and Canada


• Dow and Nova provide C8 monofilament resins which are married to Exxon's proprietary metallacene slit film resin. Tensile strengths average 40% higher than comparable Tencate XP fibers.
• Available in Cool Fiber
• Introducing new Shark-Tooth fibrillation
• Introducing new patent-pending, no perforation urethane coating with 400% better drainage
• Texturized thatch


• 100 K cycles on the Lisport. No splitting or cracking
• 120 Micron slit/330-micron monofilament fibers for maxium durability
• Most Dual Fiber fileds in ground since 2007


No Overseas Heavy Metals

• Turf manufactured overseas is often of inferior quality and may contain lead or other heavy metals. Be confident that ProGreen Canada Synthetic Turf Systems is 100% lead and heavy metal free (100% Proprietary premium metallacene polymer from Exxon Mobil) 40% and is manufactured using the highest quality standards in the industry.

Made 100% In USA
At ProGreen, “Made in the USA” authentically declares every artificial turf product to be 100% manufactured in USA-based facilities. Synthetic grass is produced in two phases: yarn extrusion and tufting. Creating the fibers occurs with yarn extrusion and securing the synthetic fibers to the backing is where tufting comes in. Caution: Several synthetic grass manufacturers may tuft their products in America however have purchased yarn from overseas. We never deter from continuing our entire manufacturing process in the United States.

Proprietary Tuft Bind

Of the artificial grass companies offering products made in the USA, this does not mean they are manufactured in-house other than for a select few. Being our customer, a significant benefit to you rests in our proprietary production process including the highest quality tuft bind in the industry.

Fiber Types

Three styles of face fibers are available. Ranked from the least to the most durable, these include monofilament, monofilament/slit film blend, and slit film. Artificial grass, synthetic turf, faux grass are just a few of the names associated with fake grass all designed for hard to grow grass areas, play areas, sports applications, schools, daycare centers, playgrounds, and dog kennels. These popular types of applications are almost all installed using Monofilament fibers systems (the least durable).

The Monofilament systems feature fibers that are extruded in single strands. The pros of this type of system include: good aesthetics; and that it can be extruded in a shape to help it stand up better. Because monofilaments, at least early in their use, stand up straighter, they present the best. At the same time, though, monofilament systems are the least durable. One problem that all synthetic turf manufacturers have had trouble with (whether they'll admit it or not), is turf bind. Turf bind is the amount of force it takes to pull the fibers from the coated backing. With a monofilament system, if one fiber in a tuft is pulled out, the entire tuft becomes loose and is compromised. This is because when the fibers are punched through the backing during manufacturing, they tend to stack like spoons, so the coating applied to the backing tends to surround the outside of the fibers, rather than working its way down between the fibers.

Slit film systems, recommended for very-heavy-use applications, are extruded in a sheet that is cut (or slit), forming a sort of honeycomb pattern. Upon installation and use, the fibers break apart, or fibrillate. This is the most durable type of system, but it is less aesthetically pleasing than the less durable monofilament or hybrid-type systems (Sport fields).

Hybrid or blended systems feature both monofilament and slit film fibers in the same products. This is the newest trend in face fibers to hit the market and offers the best of both worlds. It is recommended for virtually any application, although fields that experience extremely high use might still benefit from a slit film system. Some of the pros of the hybrid system include great aesthetics, great ball-surface interaction and great resistance to wear. (ProGreen Maximum Strength Series of Landscape grasses)

Superior Blade Superior Technology

New “Diamond Series” technology

Following an international tactile test amongst 3 leading synthetic grass products when asked “which one feels the softest?” our new Diamond Blade was chosen 100% of the time.

Diamond Shape 3D cross section makes for:
Higher Stability and Resilience Slightly

Thinner yet Stronger grass blade
More Plush, lush and overall authentic appearance

We can gain strength in the blade, while still maintaining our unique ProGreen Supersoft technology.
Following an international tactile test among 3 leading synthetic grass products when asked “which one feels the softest?” our new Diamond Blade was chosen 100% of the time.

ProGreen Canada KOOL Grass™

“The Cool New System for Synthetic Turf”

The latest development from ProGreen Canada offers an exciting new alternative to reduce the temperatures of synthetic turf systems.

ProGreen Canada Kool Grass System ™ uses new grass fiber technology and an organic infill to create a major reduction in temperatures when compared to conventional synthetic turf systems.

Play it cool For the first time a system solution for this challenging task is available for landscape and football turf synthetic turf market. The ProGreen Canada Kool Grass System™ combines the infrared light reflection ProGreen Canada CoolPlus filament with a ProGreen Canada Organfill infill, which has the IR reflecting properties and makes the system therefore even more effective.
Testing shows that under conditions where the temperature of conventional systems would range between 115-140 degrees, ProGreen Canada Kool Grass System™ can achieve a reduction of more than 20%.
Testing Procedures The trials were executed under a so-called Sun Simulation, a testing mode which follows mainly the requirements of an adapted testing procedure (DIN 75330 D-OUT-F) know from the automotive industry. Together with an infrared camera it is possible to locate and analyse the temperature in the system in the manner that it occurs in an actual installation
Dual Fiber Maximum Strength The most revolutionary development in fiber technology used in the production of landscape grass fibers have recently been announced by ProGreen Canada. This game changing fiber improvement effectively doubles the strength and resilency of its artificial landscape grass fibers being installed in hundreds if not thousands of backyards across Canada. This state of the art technology improvement gives ProGreen Canada an immense advantage over all other landscape grass products being offered and will likely be the case for the foreseeable future. These improvements significantly improve the artificial grass durability, resilience and longevity to the delight of homeowners alike.

Simply put they are two types of fibers, one designed and constructed for large “sport fields” i.e. football and soccer made with polypropylene the toughest fiber withstanding 300lb + players running and tackling, all while wearing steel cleats. The other fiber made with polyethylene was designed as a “landscape grass” having a much softer touch & feel mostly for gentler settings found in backyards. Until now manufacturer’s have not been able to create the softer feel using polypropylene but through extensive research and development ProGreen has successfully launched its dual fiber which incorporates both fibers giving it a maximum strength while maintaining softness of the traditional landscape grass. It is a mix of both, ProGreen’s fibrillated slit fiber “SPORT TURF” and the new diamond blade fiber found in its “REAL SERIES” of landscape grass offerings. This fusion of the two fibers into the ProGreen Canada landscape grass offers a natural green 4-color blend with golden thatch interspersed throughout but better still the superior resiliency makes the fibers much more resistant to lying back down even in heavy traffic.

ProFlow™ backing

Does it make sense to purchase a turf product with holes punched in the backing?

We don’t think so. In traditional turf production, holes are punched into the back of the turf to allow water to flow through (perforations) with the belief that the more holes, the better the drainage. However, these holes come with a set of potential problems.

Most residential artificial grass installations include sand as an infill product. However, as time progresses, these small grains of sand can work their way into the holes and clog them. As your artificial lawn ages, the drainage efficiency decreases, and you lose one of the benefits that enticed you to invest in artificial lawn in the first place.

Avoid Perforated Turf at All Cost!

There is the potential for weeds growing through the holes of perforated artificial grass. It may sound unlikely, but this can a be a problem, especially if your installer skips the weed barrier. While these weeds can be easily treated (just spot treat with a weed killer), the weed free benefit of an artificial lawn is lost.

The New Gold Standard in turf backing! Proflow™ ProGreen Canada is proud to introduce a new, non-perforated backing that drastically improves the drainage efficiency of almost all our turf products. We are excited to report our ProFlow™ backing which is patent-pending, increases drainage rates by roughly 400%. Your turf will remain cleaner and drier due to fibers that are moisture resistant. And a significant benefit is the elimination of nasty pet odours.

How does it drain without the perforations?

The ProFlow™ backing is made of four layers: two of which are heavy gauge woven layers, then one five-pick-layer and lastly a coating of a high viscosity polyurethane compound. This compound is injected with air and then applied to the synthetic turf. This is where the superior drainage takes place through the air bubbles.

Will the air bubbles become smaller over time, causing problems with drainage?

No! This patent-pending backing was designed and created to last the lifetime of the turf and eliminate the drainage problems commonly seen over time as particles clog the perforations. Finally, you will have a percolation rate that stays consistent throughout the life of the turf system.


Constructed to withstand the best our furry friends dish out, K9 Deluxe artificial pet turf has a 60 oz weight combining economy with lush practicality. ProFlow™ and QuadriBIND™ backing ensures maximum durability and superior drainage.

K9 Deluxe 60 Enhanced ProFlow™ Drainage

The Ultimate Solution for Dog Owners, Turf specifically Designed for dogs that offers the best drainage, cleanliness, safety and durability “Proflow™” ProGreen is proud to introduce a new, non-perforated backing that will drastically affect the drainage efficiency of our K9 Deluxe 60 and Maximum Strength K9 70 Rugged. As with all ProGreen products, K9 Deluxe 60 and K9 Rugged 70 will continue to be made with polyethylene yarn, which does not hold moisture the way that nylon fibers do. With the new patent-pending ProFlow™ backing that increases the drainage rate by approximately 400% and our moisture resistant fibers, the turf will be cleaner, drier and free from any unpleasant pet odors.

K9 Maximum Strength 70 Deluxe Cheat Sheet

“Kool Fiber technology” heat is reflected off fibers to 11-15 degrees C cooler than conventional turf. Cushioned and soft and dense fiber stitching for dog’s comfort underfoot.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and completely safe for dogs and kids “ProGreen Proflow®” backing drains at a whopping 437 inches per hour (Conventional turf drains at 88 inches per hour)

“QuadriBind Backing (4 ply)” Conventional turf has only three backings our extra backing prevents turf from wrinkling 15 Year manufacturer’s warranty for Unparalleled durability

Playground Grass

We get that a top priority for kids using artificial playground turf installations is safety. Injuries number one cause is from falls so its absolutely critical the surface components greatly reduce the chances of these types of injuries. That's why we ensure all Progreen Canada playground turf systems meet and or exceed the ASTM fall height provisions. As a result we are pleased to produce any test data for our customers peace of mind. Our playground grass is both soft as well as non-abrasive and as such designed to reduce occurrences of scrapes and skinned knees.

The Playground Turf Lineup

Maximum Strength Playground Extreme by ProGreen Canada is a synthetic grass surface created specifically to let kids be kids. It's focus is on safety and inclusivity, so all children can do what they're meant to do, play!

Maximum Strength Playground Extreme Turf (Dual Fiber)

*Applications Indoor/ Outdoor Playgrounds Common Space Areas High Durability Yarn Increased Face Weight for High Traffic 6’-10’ Fall Height

Maximum Strength Preferred 60 (Dual Fiber)

Most common for wide expanses and play areas

Maximum Strength Supreme 80 (Dual Fiber)

More typical under play structures for fall height protection

Maximum Strength Platinum 110 (Dual Fiber)

Direct lay over pavement no under pad required

Landscape Grass

Our ProGreen Natural Real Series offers remarkable realism.

Natural Real Preferred 50

Maximum Strength Perferred 50 (Dual Fiber)

Natural Real Premium 60

Maximum Strength Premium 60 (Dual Fiber)

Natural Real Supreme 80

Maximum Strength Supreme 80 (Dual Fiber)

Natural Real Platinum 110

Maximum Strength Platnium 110 (Dual Fiber)

A very rich natural color palette of Canadian green grass mixed with a thatch of brown making this the perfect blend of colours that really no others can compare. The fibers are tall 1” ¾ long which are structural strong to withstand the heaviest of use and everlasting. Strong, yet so remarkably soft to the touch it’s no wonder our Natural Real Series of grass is so sought after.

Putting Green Surface

Not be confused with a nylon putting surface (not recommended for the outdoors!) Our PG AUGUSTA has absolutely the best ball roll of any polypropylene putting surface available and is 100% American made! Our PG AUGUSTA artificial backyard putting green turf putts true and is non-directional. Our PG AUGUSTA rolls true on the day installed and stays that way for the life of the product some 25-30 years.

Both passionate and recreational golfers appreciate the beautiful appearance and realistic feel of ProGreen Canada Transform everything from backyards, golf courses, and resorts with a high quality putting green by ProGreen Canada.

For more information on becoming a protected dealer and or for contractors looking to source a reliable, premium artificial turf product and or ancillary components used in their installations contact us 866-742-7888.

PROGREEN CANADA The Most Trusted Name in Artificial Grass


Leading the industry creating better grass
• 100% Made In-house in the US. The only company with vertically integrated fiber manufacturing, tufting, coating and installation.
• 100% Proprietary premium (metallacene polymer from Exxon Mobil)
• No “fillers” used in fiber resins
• 4 Ply Backing on all products
• NO Lead & NO Heavy Chemicals
• Patent Pending PROFLOW Backing
• 400% quicker draining than most others.
• Cool Fiber Technology 20-25 degrees F. cooler (ask for testing)
• 40% higher strength than a comparable “Tencate” fibre
• Routinely passes 100,000 plus cycles on a Lisport accelerated test. No splitting or cracking
• 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• 3 rd. Party INSURED