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Artificial Playground Grass

When it comes to kids and playgrounds, safety is our top priority at Progreen Canada.

Stats show falls as the leading cause of injuries among kids, so your artificial playground surface material must be intended to reduce these kinds of injuries.

We meet and exceed the requirements for ASTM fall heights, and we can provide all related testing data so you can have peace of mind.

Additionally, Progreen Canada synthetic playground turf is soft, non-abrasive perfect for reducing skinned knees and scrapes.

ProGreen Canada Offers Peace of Mind like NO Others

All our grass products can be used for play areas. They install with ease around playground equipment and along slopes and bends. However, synthetic turf installations for playgrounds require one extra component that is not necessary for our other turf products – a foam pad placed beneath the turf to provide added safety. These foam pads are available in one to two inches thick; the size needed is entirely dependent on the height of your play structures. If you have any questions about the fall height requirements of your playground equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our representatives would be happy to help determine the foam pad required for your structure.

For a safe playground surface material that also increases outdoor play time, no more cuts or bruises, forget grass stains or muddy clothes ProGreen Canada turf turfs are non-allergenic ensuring a happy day for our kids and our daycare operators.

The Fill

ProGreen Canada now uses Envirofill - Microban® in all its playground installations for the antimicrobial protection that is infused into Envirofill during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration.

The Turf Lineup



*Applications Indoor/ Outdoor Playgrounds
Common Space Areas
High Durability Yarn
Increased Face Weight for High Traffic
6’-10’ Fall Height

Natural Real 60 Preferred
Most common for wide expanses and play areas

Natural Real 80 Supreme
More typical under play structures for fall height protection

Natural Real 110 Platinum
Direct lay over pavement not underpad required

The Underpad

Playground Full Protection

To keep indoor and outdoor play areas safe, we use PlayLiteTM panels for their ability to absorb impact and provide drainage. Available in varying thicknesses, you save on needing an expensive aggregate layer. These products are made from 100% recycled material, assisting you in obtaining project LEED® Credits.


• Outstanding impact protection and energy absorption
• Key factor preventing injuries due to falls on playgrounds
• Independently safety tested
• Exceeds ASTM F1292 guidelines to absorb impact
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
• Superior drainage rate
• Long lifespan and stability

DayCare Shade Umbrellas

Ever increasing awareness and concerns are front and center on the minds of parents concerning climate change and as the heat alerts increase year over year, Daycare Centres are looking for effective ways to bring shade to their playgrounds.

ProGreen Canada has introduced a single pole Umbrella spanning either 10’ x 10’, 12’ x 12’, 14’x 14’, 16’ x 16’, 18’ x 18’wide that are all UV Treated providing for a long lasting solution that will advantage any Daycare offering a safer playground. Our shade umbrellas come in several colors and are easy to install, providing instant cooling areas for the kids to take cover.

Complementing our Shade Umbrellas ProGreen Canada’s newest Fairlawn Artificial Turf with their 100% organic Greenplay infill provides a turf solution that keeps the temperature of our artificial grass almost as cool as real grass.

So, with the new offering of their “PlayShades” Umbrellas when used with Fairlawn Turf provides a real safe and comfortable alternative to the artificial turf of the past.

For more playtime for the kids, and full protection from harmful UV rays, increased enrollments start by booking your appointment to get a snapshot of what the future could look like for your school and kids.

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