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Sub Base

When considering an artificial golf green the crucial component for a long lasting and true ball roll is the sub-base construction. The smaller the green size the subtler the undulation, breaks left and right are also always determined on site. The lager the green size allows for more exaggerated sloping and sometime different tiers are elements always considered in the final design. Depending on soil conditions and geographic locations base depths are determined usually 6-8” 40% clear stone for drainage, 40% ¾” crushed stone and 20% limestone and all compacted to 95% for final smooth grading. Nothing drains golf green backings and as such greens are designed to be crowned or sloped with a minimal of 1” to 8’ to ensure water runs off the surface. Standing water mixed with a sand infill used in the golf green construction is a moss or algage nightmare that needs to be avoided at all cost.

For low lying areas where under wet conditions o-pipe or French drains may also need to be considered.

Our Putting Green Company uses the highest premium adhesives in the industry to seam fringe turf or for golf greens that are wider than 15’ roll widths. All seaming is covered in our general 10 Year Workmanship Warranty.

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