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Progreen Canada Summary Of Products
April 26, 2018

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Authorized Quebec Dealer

ProGreen Canada Quebec is a Montreal-based company independent merchant and a specialized installer of Pro-Green Canada products. Operating as a top service company, we are only too happy to supply the turf and accessories for do-it-selfers or, like most homeowners, require the complete installation from excavation and disposal of existing soils replacing with necessary sub-base materials. We professionally install and infill the turf to complete every homeowner’s delight starting the process with a free no-obligation estimate. We take great satisfaction knowing your decision will make for a lifetime of guaranteed pleasure.

Not only will our faux grasses save hundreds or thousands of litres of water, but it will also save our precious water resources putting to end unnecessary fertilizers and other chemical runoff into our waterways.

At ProGreen Canada Quebec, we offer the very best in warranties and materials, offering 15-year manufacturers

and a third-party warranty on all our artificial turf products from landscape grass to putting greens.  Life expectancy on our turf products is upwards of 30-40 years.

ProGreen Canada Quebec backs their installations with a no-worry full 5-year warranty.

When purchasing from ProGreen Canada, Quebec, you will be buying the most innovative artificial turf from fibre softness, lowest temperatures, lowest turf abrasion, remarkable drainage capabilities and the most resilient fibres. Our products are guaranteed to give you continuous enjoyment and peace of mind in your investment.

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Our products are chosen 100% time overall competitors products.

Contact us today to discuss how we can put our expertise, capabilities and knowledge to work for you.